Current Investments


CleanPlanet Chemical

CleanPlanet deploys on site, closed loop, continuous flow solvent recycling
systems to a multibillion dollar market.

The company’s patent protected systems are emission free, quiet, and have a
very small footprint. The system provides virgin quality solvent at a 20% discount
to the customer. The CleanPlanet machine is provided to the customer free of
charge, charging only for the solvent recycled at a discount. All service and
maintenance are taken care off by CleanPlanet, with no cost to the customer.
This produces an immediate cost savings to the customer, as well as transforming
a previously dirty operation to a much cheaper environmentally friendly process.


FeverTags, LLC, (“FeverTags” or the “Company”) was organized in 2007, in Amarillo, Texas, as an animal health diagnostics company, centered around the early detection of bovine ailments and diseases, such as Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), through a temperature monitoring, ear tag device.

Early detection saves the cattle producer or feeder money in several ways. Prior to FeverTags, sick animals were identified by sight. Once an animal appears sick, it has usually been sick for several days. Identifying a sick animal accurately and much earlier enables a producer to avoid improper treatment, death loss and loss of weight gain, as well as avoiding the spread of disease to other animals. Early detection will enable a producer to not only keep the animal healthy and gaining weight with proper treatment, but potentially avoid what is typically known as a “prophylactic” shot of antibiotics. This is the second main reason FeverTags will be a critical tool in herd management. There is pressure from consumers, government, and food suppliers to have more targeted use of drug treatments and elevated traceability. Accurate and early diagnosis of a sick animal will enable a producer to treat the animal with other pharmaceutical options that are not antibiotic related. This keeps that animal qualified to remain acceptable for human consumption.

Sabine Environmental, LLC

Sabine Environmental Services, LLC operates a Class II, non-hazardous oilfield waste (NOW) in Chambers County, Texas, in operation since 1998.  Additionally, MBES is permitted to dispose of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material), being one of only three such facilities in the southwest United States.  The main Sabine facility is located halfway between Beaumont and Houston, Texas, approximately 3.5 miles north of I-10 on FM 563.  Sabine also operates a dock/port facility in Port Fourchon, which is Louisiana’s southernmost port, located on the southern tip of Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

Matador Oil and Gas, LLC

Matador Oil and Gas, LLC mainly invests in non-operated energy and energy services assets in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana. We are interested in acquiring minerals, non-operated oil and gas assets, operated oil and gas assets with the ability to change operators, mid-stream assets such as pipelines, treating facilities and compression, as well as saltwater, flow back, and NORM disposal.  In the recent past, Matador Oil and Gas, LLC has owned over 200,000 acres throughout the Eastern Shelf and Permian Basin of Texas, through multiple subsidiaries.

Matador Environmental Services, LLC

Matador Environmental Services is a holding company for our various environmental-related companies.  We are mainly pursuing opportunities in the solids waste disposal and treatment, we as well as Class I waste streams.