Past Investments


Rocktop Partners

RockTop Partners primary objective is to deploy capital for pools of real estate assets that contain a title, document or compliance issue which impacts the marketability of that asset to the current owner. These real estate assets are typically identified as non-performing or REO, but can include performing loans, HELOCS and contract for deeds.

RockTop utilizes an asset based due diligence review which encompasses the legal curative strategy, property value and cash flow analysis data points needed to secure the assets with an appropriate equity position to protect and potential investment risk. Rocktop acquires these assets at a market driven discount and works through a proprietary legal platform to cure the defects and create a pool of assets that can produce an appropriate risk based return.


Geostellar, Inc., a Delaware C Corporation (“Geostellar” or the “Company”) was organized to reduce the costs and increase the benefits associated with the development of residential‐, commercial‐ and community‐scale solar energy projects in order to make solar energy more competitive with conventional electricity.

Geostellar has patented a solar platform to provide instant, interactive, high resolution data simulations for over 70 million properties in the U.S. Essentially, Geostellar can instantly provide a user detailed data such as shadow, obstruction, slope, orientation, installed cost, electricity rates, incentives and usage of installed solar power on any given property in the U.S., through their online portal, just by entering your address. The customer acquisition costs (CAC) and the detailed analysis of a rooftop for a solar design are two components that are expensive in the solar chain. Geostellar’s patented technology drastically reduces these costs, making the delivery of a solar solution cheaper to the consumer, more broadly desirable to the public and highly profitable to the Company.

The Company’s strategy is to apply its Platform to accelerate the drop in installed solar energy costs, capture market share and grow a profitable business as a solar energy marketplace that efficiently matches equipment, financing and installation offers with customers who can benefit from residential and commercial solar energy solutions. Leveraging the power of its technology will enable Geostellar to exponentially scale its business model, while increasing the margins. And, Matador’s capital will accelerate the leveraging of this technology.

SunWestern Energy, LLC

Matador owned 100% of this operation, with two main areas of focus:

East Texas – SunWestern acquired approximately 24,000 acres in East Texas targeting the Cotton Valley, Pettit, Rodessa, James, and Bossier formations. This acreage was partially drilled to prove up the reserves and turned successfully to a major independent operator for further development, while retaining an override and smaller non-operating working interest.

Kansas – SunWestern acquired approximately 10,000 net acres on the Central Kansas Uplift in Barton, Ellis, Rice, Rooks, and Russell Counties in Kansas. The initial primary producing objectives were the Lansing/Kansas City at approximately 3,200 feet and the Arbuckle at 3,800 feet to 4,100 feet, along with multiple additional zones. Full geologic and seismic work resulted in multiple wells being drilled over several years. SunWestern and Matador exited this opportunity with success.

Silvercreek Homes, Inc.

Silvercreek Homes was a start-up manufacturing plant of modular and mobile homes with multiple retail sales locations. Matador funded the operation, allowing Silvercreek’s stakeholders to assemble the full management team, locate the plant facilities, and commence operations within a four-month period. We had an extremely successful 10-year holding of this company and eventually exited the company through a strategic sale.

Matador Land

This was the assemblage of 186 acres of raw land situated in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This acreage was owned as undivided property by 28 different individuals, some of whom did not get along. After securing the purchase contract, we brought in a national retail and office development partner to develop the site over a multi-year period. We closed this $33 million transaction in 30 days and exited this transaction with a great success.

Cognitive Data Corporation

Cognitive Data is a data quality, data collection, and data hygiene company utilizing a proprietary technology to provide data analytics to a variety of industries. We acquired a majority position in this software company, providing growth capital over several years. The company grew multi-fold under our ownership, and we eventually exited to Merkle, Inc., a strategic buyer for a superb return on our capital.

Matador Petroleum, LP

Matador Petroleum is a 25% non-operating, working interest partner in more than 110,000 net acres on the Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin of Texas. Matador Petroleum, along with its operating partner, LCS Production of Abilene, Texas, has acquired in excess of 110,000 net acres and drilled over 80 wells in Haskell, Stonewall, Kent, Jones, Fisher, Scurry, Taylor, Nolan, Mitchell, Sterling, Coke, Runnels, and Lubbock Counties in Texas. We keep two drilling rigs and several workover rigs running full-time on our acreage. Geologic targets are the Ellenburger, Canyon Sands, Noodle Creek, Caddo, Strawn, Cisco, and Odom Lime formations.

Matador Permian, LP

Matador Permian is a 12.5% non-operating, working interest partner in more than 120,000 net acres in the Permian Basin and Eastern Shelf of Texas. Matador Permian, along with its operating partner, LCS Production of Abilene, Texas, has acquired in excess of 120,000 net acres in Jones, Taylor, Fisher, Nolan, Mitchell, and Sterling Counties of Texas. We have assembled this separate acreage, targeting the Cline Shale, Black Shale, Three Fingers Shale, and Mississippian formations as the primary targets. We are early in our program, having drilled a handful of test wells, and are about to undertake a horizontal drilling program with the Cline Shale as the primary focus. All of this acreage has multiple pay zones in addition to the shales and tripolitic chert.

Global IP Tandem

Located in Dallas, Texas, Global IP Tandem is the “centralized” switching solution for VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) service providers. The company uses class IV tandem switch technology to deliver high-quality, point-to-point communication between its member company networks. Global IP’s patent-pending process operates independently of the public switched telephone network, eliminating complicated tariff structures and costly collocation and integration expenses. With Global IP Tandem, VoIP service providers can avoid connecting to multiple carriers to deliver call traffic, improving service quality and lowering costs. The company operated a state-of-the art data switching center to provide outstanding service 24 hours a day, every day.