Investment Strategy


Matador Capital Partners acquires growing, profitable, privately held companies with proven business models, records of revenue and earnings growth, and a plan to sustain that growth.

We primarily seek platform companies in mature industries that possess a defensible business niche or unique point of difference in the markets they serve.

Matador helps spur growth by providing capital infusions, expanding through additional acquisitions, and/or enhancing business operations.

Primary industries

Energy, energy services, agriculture, manufacturing, consumer products and services, industrial distribution, and real estate.

Portfolio company size

Most of our acquisitions have annual revenue from $2 – $30 million.

Transaction size

Our investments normally range from $5 – $50 million, but we have the capacity for larger transactions.


We prefer to partner with stakeholder management, aligning our interests and working with company leaders to help the business reach its maximum potential. However, we also possess the capability to actively manage a company.